Using Free Standing Displays in your Retail Store

Using Free Standing Displays in your Retail Store

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On June 09, 2017

Free standing displays can look out of place, and they can actually decrease sales if you use them poorly. But use them the correct way, and you will see how powerful they can be for your bottom line. Read on to learn best practices for using free standing displays in your retail store.

Placement Matters

This is the most important thing to remember when it comes to using free standing displays in a retail store. Customers should be able to access all items available to them. Many retail store owners place visual display units in the wrong spots. If the display blocks your most popular items or makes it difficult for customers to access other merchandise they are searching for, they will likely leave frustrated. Only use free standing displays in places where they do not impede customer traffic, browsing, or purchasing.

Use Free Standing Displays to Highlight

There are many reasons you’d want to highlight certain items. Whether you are trying to clean out inventory, promoting a sale, or launching a new product, free standing displays are an excellent choice for drawing attention to products you want to move. Draw extra attention by placing the free standing display in a hot spot of your store. This could be at the checkout stand or popular aisles and products in your store. Make your display stand out by using colors and branding that pops.

Use Free Standing Displays to Cross-Sell

Free-standing displays are an excellent way to encourage linked purchases. For instance, consider putting a display of wine next to the anniversary cards or waterproof phone cases by the sunscreen. Think of the most common reasons customers come into your store. Then, create free standing displays that appeal to their need for coming in and place them near their intended purchase. This is an excellent way to increase the size of your average sale. 

When choosing a free standing display for your store, consider 4-way display units. 4-way displays are versatile shelving fixtures that can be used in any store, regardless of the industry. These units are on casters, so they mobility function is a big reason why retailers choose 4-way displays to showcase seasonal merchandise, clearance items or new products.

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