Why are Impulse Items at Checkout Important?

Why are Impulse Items at Checkout Important?

By Handy Store Fixtures
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On June 05, 2019

If you aren’t strategically placing impulse items in your checkout area, you’re missing out on key benefits for your business. First, impulse buying boosts revenue - the average consumer racks up an average of $5,400 annually in impulse purchases. Second, strategically placing items near checkout counters can help determine your customers’ buying preferences.

While many businesses focus on which items to place, the fixtures are just as important to the checkout experience. Choosing the right store layout and fixtures can promote and increase impulse sales at checkout. Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing your fixtures.

Size Matters

Store fixtures should complement the shopping area, not overwhelm it. This is especially true in and around checkout counters. You want customers to easily place merchandise on the sales counter and complete their transaction with ease while also having a moment to browse for products that might quickly catch their interest. Choose the size and spacing that is just right for your checkout counter height and the space around it.

Keep it Simple

The key to impulse purchases is simplicity. Most impulse displays do one of three things; offer a great price on an item; remind the customer to purchase something they might need or have forgotten, or encourage add-ons that work with a variety of items in your store.

To that end, you want to keep displays from becoming visually overwhelming. Properly spaced displays make it easy for the customer to quickly glance over the items offered and make a selection without having to work too hard to get it—a great example of this: candy displays. In many retail locations, candy-related products provide the perfect impulse sale. In fact, food is the most common impulse sale. Most people do not go into a store specifically for candy. Still, if merchandised correctly, if the display catches the eye of the customer right before they check out, the chances increase significantly that they will pick out their favorite snack while waiting in line.

Think Beyond Checkout

Impulse buying zones don’t just have to be at the checkout counter. Think of the most common routes your customers choose to get to the retail sales counter, and strategically place “hot zone” retail store fixtures in these areas. A simple promotional table near the restroom, a coffee bar within a few checkout steps, or even a well-placed colorful rack of clothing or accessories can add on a few dollars. Multiply that times hundreds of customers a day, and that’s a significant income boost to your business's bottom line.

With a little planning - and some help from our Handy Store Design Specialists - you can have retail shelving displays that appeal to customers’ senses and help increase impulse buys. When you’re ready, we’re here to help. Contact us today for expert guidance for your store’s design and display fixtures.

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