3 Gondola Accessories Every Store Needs

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Gondola Shelving Accessories
On January 22, 2016

Gondola accessories round out the store shelving your business needs. If you are running out of shelf space, having difficulty showcasing your merchandise, or want to freshen things up with new displays, adding on some accessories can help check all of those boxes. Here are three options that can be beneficial to many retail establishments.

Upright Extenders

Upright extenders are really beneficial for two reasons: they are great for when you start to run out of shelf space and also offer an opportunity to showcase and better display your merchandise. Upright Extenders are perfect for extending the heights on existing gondola shelving fixtures. Many times, retailers are paying rent for a fixed amount of space. In the case of many stores in urban environments, the only way retailers can increase precious merchandise space is by going higher on existing fixtures. The number one reason store owners go with gondola shelving 54" or 60" in height is because they feel the need to be able to see every person in the store. But with modern technology and the advancement of security cameras, they can indeed take advantage of more merchandise space which will increase in-store profits. Upright Extenders are available in Slatwall, Perforated Board, Gridwall, and Solid Board. We recommend using Gridwall so you don't have to worry about compromising security, since it allows you to see the customers walking in store aisles. Upright Extenders are most commonly used in convenience, dollar, gift, and pet stores because they are perfect for merchandising toys, candy/treats, small bagged items on hooks, and gift cards. Extenders add right on to your current shelves without disturbing the existing display.

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Candy Shelves

Our brand new candy shelves are perfect for displaying candy on Handy Store Fixtures gondola shelving. As you may be able to see from the photo, each shelf slot on the uprights can be filled with these candy shelves. These durable, lightweight 2 position shelves allow anywhere from 6 to 8 shelves displayed per 54" or 60" high gondola fixture, maximizing merchandising space. The Candy Shelves range from 6" to 14" in depth providing a "tier" display that easily allows customers to access candy from the shelves. These shelves come in 2 different forms, one with a lip and no ticket molding, and with a lip and ticket molding, which give retailers the option to insert pricing tags in the shelf. Candy Shelves can be used on gondolas, end cap displays, and on the front end of gondola checkout counters. These shelves will most commonly be used in convenience stores and pharmacies.

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Rounded Shelf Edge

The Handy Store Fixtures Rounded Shelf Edge adds a completely new dimension to gondola shelves. Created as a separate piece, the rounded shelf edge attaches to all Handy Store Fixtures shelves, creating a rounded shelving display seen in many upscale supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, and variety stores today. Perfect to use on end cap displays to enhance the appearance of any type of retail business. Each rounded shelf edge includes a 1 1/4" ticket molding and it attaches very easily to existing shelves using either nylon buttons or nuts and bolts. These rounded shelf edges are featured in all Handy Store Fixtures colors to match the color of your existing shelves.

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If you aren’t sure what shelving solution or accessories would be best for your store, contact us! We’re here to help.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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