Here’s Another Handy Idea: Bakery Shelves Can Display More Than Bread

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Store Fixtures
On August 28, 2012

Handy Store Fixtures’ bakery shelves display baked goods.Sometimes we design a store fixture for a particular function only to discover that our customers use it in entirely different ways. We often love this. Innovation helps keep store displays fresh and helps us discover new capabilities for our store fixtures.


As the name suggests, bakery shelves were originally designed to store and display baked goods. These include breads, rolls, cupcakes, donuts, and other pastries. Many customers use bakery shelves in this manner.


However, many of our industrious customers have discovered that the bakery shelves are ideal for displaying a wide variety of other merchandise. Many grocery items find their way onto our bakery shelves with fantastic results.


Bakery Shelves: Not Just for Bakeries Anymore

Bakery shelves are perfect for displaying chips and dips.One of the most popular non-bakery products to grace our bakery shelves are chips. Retailers have discovered that the front lip allows chip bags to stand upright with ease. Since the lip is made of a wire frame, the product packaging is not obscured. You can also easily stack dips and other add-on merchandise nearby to increase sales and add visual variety to your shelves.


Store owners also put bakery shelves to excellent use displaying impulse items near a register. With the bakery shelves in the sloped position, it is easy to display a wide range of products. For instance, your candy shelf can become a visual (as well as literal) feast. Customers feel as though the candy is laid out for them, making the sweet treats all the more enticing.


Place bakery shelves in the sloped position to display candy.The possible uses for our bakery shelves are almost endless. Many have not even been discovered yet.

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Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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