Create Eye-Catching Window Displays

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Store Fixtures
On July 18, 2012

A window display makes the first impression for your retail store and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Window displays can be as effective as a billboard or other advertising, and have the advantage of being essentially free. So, why do so many retailers seem to put so little thought into them?

Your window displays should be clean, uncluttered, and, most importantly, eye-catching. They give your customers a good idea of the products you have featured in your store. Remember to look at your windows from the customer’s point of view. Step outside and see how it looks from the street. Everything should appear orderly with the most important items the most prominent. Make sure the display’s focus is not too high or too low. Since your store’s floor may not be exactly at street level, you will want to note where eye-level is from the outsider’s point of view.

Use clear glass shelving to let your customers see what you have on display.

Remember that your window displays should tell a story. Your featured products should complement each other to produce a coherent theme. For instance, in the summer, you can pull together all of the products you need to create a beach scene. This could include umbrellas, beach chairs, towels, plastic buckets, shovels, and anything else that completes the picture. If something does not fit with the other products, do not include it. Even if it is a sale item, it may cause your display to appear crowded or disorganized.

If your windows look in on your store, you can utilize clear glass shelving to display products for customers both inside and outside of the building. Make sure the shelved products are themed together and are neatly arranged. You will also want to change your featured products at least one or two times a month to keep your window displays from becoming stale.

How do you keep your store’s window displays fresh and enticing? Share your tips in the comments.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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