Display More Merchandise with Gondola Accessories

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Gondola Shelving Accessories
On July 03, 2015

Gondola Accessories BlogGondola accessories can take your retail store shelving to the next level. You don’t have to be limited to standard shelves that aren’t always suitable for your wide variety of merchandise. Adding dividers, steel front lips, open end baskets and more to your gondola shelves allows you to showcase products that aren’t necessarily a more standard size or shape. Here are a few of our favorite ways to amp up your gondola shelving with accessories.

  • Chrome Wire Fencing & Dividers – These flexible dividers let you subdivide any shelf to better suit the products you wish to display. They are made with high grade chromed steel with welded clips for a secure fit. Find dividers and fencing in 3" and 5" heights.
  • Steel Front Lips – Steel front lips are just as durable as standard gondola shelves due to the same heavy duty steel they are made from. Position merchandise at a 45-degree incline to get ultimate product visibility.
  • Candy Riser – Make the most of your retail space with a candy riser. Add it to your existing shelves and use it to merchandise above. You don’t have to worry about blocking windows or security threats thanks to the open design of this addition.
  • Open End Baskets – Sometimes you sell an item that is just oddly shaped and won’t display well on standard gondola shelves. Adding in these baskets is a great alternative. You can easily divide products and display them prominently without cluttering up your shelves.
  • Security Cases – Both metal and wire base security cases will help keep your more expensive merchandise safe behind locked doors.
  • Sliding Door Cabinet – Store surplus merchandise in these drawers for an orderly display. Keep the product for sale on top and extras in the easy to access drawers below.
  • “Y” Extenders – Half “Y” and full “Y” extenders are great for holding long and awkward products like PVC pipes, shower rods and brooms. They fit in right above your already existing gondola shelving.
  • Aisle Markers – Don’t let your customers walk blindly through your store aisles. Adding simple aisle markers will let them know what to expect from each aisle, making shopping in your store a more enjoyable experience.

Making these additions to your existing gondola shelving can provide you with more space and options than you ever imagined. If you are hoping to avoid, or do not have the space to install additional store shelving, these gondola accessories are the perfect solution for providing you with more unique space to display your merchandise.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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