Gondola Shelving Units: Should You Add End-Caps to Your Store?

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Gondola Shelves
On June 28, 2013

Black Gondola ShelvingWhen you’re looking to maximize merchandise space in your store, it can sometimes seem impossible. You don’t want to have too many displays, but you also don’t want to leave too much un-utilized space. So where’s the balance?


By purchasing the right gondola shelving units you can increase your storage without sacrificing precious floor space.


Odds are you’re already using basic gondola shelves in your store. So, why not make the absolute most of them by adding end-caps?


What are End-Caps?


End frames and end units are designed to fit right on the ends of your existing gondola shelves. These units attach at the same height, making them seamlessly integrate into your current layout. Perforated panels on the front and back make it easy for you to put shelves exactly where you need them without taking up any additional space in your store.


These end-caps can be used with slatwall panels and are perfect to use with rounded base decks.


Should You Add End-Caps?


We can’t think of any reasons why you shouldn’t! End-caps from Handy Store Fixtures help you:



  • Maximize your existing shelving space



  • Showcase new, sale or popular products



  • Easily attach onto your gondola shelving units



  • Add storage in an affordable and convenient way



  • Avoid taking up too much space on your floor



  • Maintain your current layout while adding additional storage



Basically, there are no real downsides to upgrading your gondola shelving units to add end-caps.


One of the major benefits to end-caps is that you can easily attach and disconnect them. That means, you can easily add them for busy seasons or when you have surplus inventory and store them during slower seasons to keep your store looking the way you intended.


Looking for more unique ways to maximize the storage space in your store? Shop Handy Store Fixtures.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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