Improving Retail Space in Pet Stores

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Store Design
On June 20, 2014

Sales space can be improved in pet stores with proper shelf placement. This is where youwill be displaying the pet food, supplies and cages. These tend to be larger items, so having the best store shelves for these products is important. You may also be selling tropical fish and tanks. You need adequate space for supplies as well as the display tanks for the fish. Custom shelving is a major factor in improving space and displays. Check out a video of Handy Store Fixtures at the H.H. Backer Pet Trade Show for a brief overview of the products we have available for pet store shelves to help you move your merchandise fast.

Gondola shelving

This is the standard shelf sitting on a base. Sturdy gondola shelves can be arranged in straight lines or angled and can hold heavy bags of pet food and other supplies. The bags of dried food should be arranged so that there is not much overhang onto the aisle giving shoppers more space.

Some larger items may require deeper, wide span shelving situated along walls. These wall units are strong and sturdy and able to withstand heavy items.

The end units on the shelves should provide more shelf space for smaller items. These sections can have peg boards for hanging small packaged items.

A four-way square or rectangular shelf system can be moved around a store and set up anywhere for display. This can be used for the most colorful, eye-catching items including a dog and cat boutique selling leashes and harnesses, collars, dog sweaters, toys, feeding dishes and special treats.

Baskets and Bins

Baskets hanging at eye level are a good way to promote smaller or oddly shaped items that wouldn't look right on traditional shelves.

Bulk baskets can hold larger items and toys that shoppers can sift through. This is a good place to sell your unbreakable, close-out and discontinued items.

Small bins, overlay tables and promotional tables can be placed near the check-out area to offer small treats and other specialty items to shoppers as they pay for their purchases.

Handy Store Fixtures has provided customized shelving and promotional items for retailers for over 60 years. Our shelving experts will find the right display items for your pet store. To read more about our pet store shelving capabilities, and how the right store layout can mean profitability or failure, read this Pet Product News article featuring Handy Store Fixtures.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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