Merchandise Placement and Custom Store Fixtures Catch Shopper Attention

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Store Fixtures
On November 18, 2011

A while ago, we read an interesting article giving examples how merchandising plays a huge part in private label brand growth, especially in these economic times. Yet, the takeaways on the subject of placement, and using custom or colored store fixtures in this article work whether you have a private store label or not.


The July 2011 article in Retail News Update was in favor of decisive and deliberate product placement rather than cluttering.  Of course, this is because you want the shopper to find what they need quickly so that they use the remainder of their allotted shopping time to buy more.


On the subject of how color can play a role in decluttering, however, the article cited Dorothy Allan, Vice President Business Intelligence for Crossmark, a sales and marketing services company in Plano, Texas, who talked about her annual store walk at Christmas, “The majority of stores were ‘painted’ with red and green displays. Four months later, the one I still remember more than any other was a gum display. It was light blue and had a great offer and true appetite appeal. It certainly broke through the sea of red and green.”


In other words, for effective and deliberate merchandise placement:



  • Don’t overload on the seasonal decorations, simply designate a specific areas for seasonal items.



  • Use a brightly colored shelving and checkout station strategically for certain products or impulse items.



  • If you do have a private label brand, use retail shelving colors that are opposite of your private label brand to make it stand out more than the national brands.



Two other great takeaways from the article were:



  • Use custom made wine and liquor store fixtures to make a category destination for wine and liquor connoisseurs.Use custom store fixtures to create shopper engaging placement, or category destinations, such as an in-store wine destination area for example. This is not only a great idea for specialty private label offerings but also if you simply want to create a warm and inviting shopping environment.



  • Use end cap displays effectively. As Jeff Weidauer, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Vestcom, stated, “One of the more successful implementations we’ve seen is to include a private brand product as a tie-in to every end cap in the store.” This is not only a great idea for private label products, but also for sale items, new merchandise, etc.



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Read the full article at Retail News Update.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio

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