Organizing your Back Room with Shelving Units

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Store Fixtures
On June 23, 2014

The back room of a business is often overlooked because the public doesn't see it. You might find yourself asking, what does it matter how it looks or functions when no one ever sees the mess? If you've ever thought that, you are missing out on what your back room could be. You could also be negatively impacting employees' productivity and eliminating your chances of speedy customer service.


A disorganized back room means that finding merchandise will be more time consuming. Employees who need to find items for customers or to help solve a problem on the sales floor will take longer and inconvenience customers. They may even become discouraged after a long search and come back to the customer empty handed, even though the product is in fact hiding in the back. Or a customer may become impatient and leave the store without making a purchase while waiting for the employee to return. With efficient shelving units, the entire back room can be transformed and these problems eliminated.



  • Wide span shelving can maximize your storage space. This shelving is sturdy and easy to install, plus wide span shelving is welded and bolted together prior to shipment.



  • Another option is the post and beam Space Plus Conversion store shelves, which are strong enough to hold heavy backroom stock. Space Plus Conversion is an affordable conversion kit that can modify the store fixtures you already have in your back room, letting you make improvements conveniently and cost effectively.



  • If you are seeking variety for your back room there is also the Space Invader warehouse storage shelving. The Space Invader allows you to order only what you need and to create a storage facility tailored to your specific store or warehouse storage shelving needs.



The right shelving units can even help to prevent accidents. Not having boxes, supplies and other items in the floor means there are fewer opportunities for employees to trip, fall and become injured. For safety and productivity, having a comprehensive shelving system can give your business an instant boost. Never lose items again with a better system of storage and organization for everything in your back room.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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