Our Most Popular Products for Warehouses

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Store Design
On July 18, 2014

Space, space and more space: the mainstay of any typical warehouse. Maximizing all that space and storing your inventory in an easily visible, easily accessible manner requires clever storage solutions that call for durable, high-strength shelving units. Fortunately, the most popular products for warehouses from Handy Store Fixtures can tackle any warehouse storage hurdle you may have.

Storage Shelves for Light to Medium Needs

With a high-tech name and over 50 years of shelving know-how and innovative technology under its belt, the Space Invader Storage System is one of our best-selling warehouse shelving solutions. Customize the shelving units to fit your warehouse's individual needs. No confusing array of nuts and bolts to deal with, the Space Invader employs an inverted clip system that won't cause assembly headaches. Choose either plywood or optional metal shelf bases. When your warehouse storage needs grow, expand the Space Invader units to accommodate the new need for additional space.

When You've Got a LOT of Merchandise to Shelve

You'll find our Wide Span Shelving Units just the ticket when your inventory demands durable, stable, deep shelves that can take the weight of a plethora of inventory or merchandise. Each ultra-strong, steel-constructed modular section contains plenty of room for shelving heavy stock and bulk merchandise loads, while also allowing for easy access to each different item in your inventory. Assembly is fast and easy because of the Wide Span's interlocking beam and frame system. No bolts, no nuts, no fuss.

Conversion Kits

Convert existing standard gondolas or wall units using our Space Plus Conversion Kit. Easy-to-install, heavy-duty post and beam sections of the Space Plus can be assembled without having to take apart existing shelving units. Whether you want to supply added strength and room to shelving units you already have, or you want to give your retail store an updated "warehouse appeal," you, like many of our other customers, will find Space Plus an unparalleled solution to your storage needs. Available in 20 vibrant colors, our conversion kits have the added bonus of being attractive as well as durable.


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Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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