Outfitting your Convenience Store with Shelving Units

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Gondola Shelves
On October 03, 2014

Convenience Store ShelvingWhether you are opening a new convenience store or just want to update the one you have now, shelving units are a great way to adjust the flow of your business. Convenience store shelving needs to be easily accessible to customers with items clearly visible and marked. Typically people entering a convenience store want to be in and out quickly and not spend time browsing the aisles. They came in for a reason and want to find the product they need without hassle. Here we will talk about some of the shelving units that are critical to setting up an efficient convenience store and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving is the classic store shelving workhorse most commonly featured in the retail industry. They are free standing units that have shelving on all sides and can be placed anywhere in the store. These are perfect for chips, candy bars, small packaged items and any number of products you would find in a convenience store.


In addition to the mainstay gondola shelving units there are a number of accessory shelving options that are great for convenience store settings. These include:



  • Retail End Frames: They attach to already existing retail display racks of the same height and accept standard or heavy duty retail shelving. Utilize this extra space with smaller products that won’t take over aisle space.



  • Slotted Uprights: Uprights hold wall shelves and turn any wall into an ideal retail display. A variety of colors and sizes assure they will blend with your existing store shelving perfectly. These are great for showcasing candy bars and other small packaged items.



  • Bakery Display Racks: Perfect for baked goods or other packaged foods like potato chips and pretzels. Easily showcase merchandise for the customer on the go.



  • Tiered Magazine Racks: Magazines, newspapers, and greeting cards will get the attention they deserve with these racks. Customers can easily see covers to choose which item they want to buy.



Fast Food Module

Perfect for a coffee station, a fast food module can easily fit coffee dispensers, cups, sweeteners and creamers and more. These are also ideal for bakery items or warmed foods. Built in drawers offer easy overstock solutions.


Gondola Checkout Counter

These are great for maximizing space for merchandise. With shelving on both sides of the counter no area goes unused. Gondola checkout counters are the perfect place for impulse buys; stock them with easy to grab small items like packets of gum, lighters, energy shots and more. Customers standing in line will grab these on-the-go items, adding to profits.


From gondola checkouts to fast food modules and tiered magazine racks, it’s easy to find the right convenience store shelves for your business. Convenience store fixtures and shelving equipment play an important role in organizing stores and maximizing profits. If you ever need assistance with store planning services, the experts at Handy Store Fixtures are happy and ready to help. From start to finish, Handy will guide you through all aspects of your project.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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