Party Store Retail Display Options

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Party Stores
On January 02, 2015

Party stores get to display all kinds of fun and enticing merchandise. But with the bright colors, sparkly signage and sometimes even costumes, it is important to keep everything in order so that it doesn’t end up looking like a jumbled mess. Utilizing the right kind of party store display shelves will keep merchandise looking appealing and party-ready.

End Unit Retail Displays

Utilize end cap displays to “own” a particular aisle. Is the aisle filled with wedding items? Create a display on the end unit so that customers know what to expect when they walk down the aisle. Ready to set up for Christmas? Put ornaments or a small fake tree on the end cap to indicate all of the festive findings that can be found down that aisle. Not only will you make shopping easier, you can utilize extra space for displaying more merchandise.

Gondola Shelving

No matter what kind of party supplies an aisle holds, gondola shelving is the perfect way to display it. Take advantage of the various back panels that are available and either attach shelving to hold paper plates and candy dishes or hooks to display smaller hanging items like tissue paper and party signs.

Standard Shelves

Standard wall shelves can hold party store items of any variety and will hold up well in every aisle. With 2-position shelves of either horizontal or down slope, they are great for merchandising all kinds of party products.

Chrome Wire Fencing & Dividers

When it comes to party stores there is a large range in the types of merchandise on display. Items might be awkwardly shaped and not ideal for standard shelves. Wire rack shelving is ideal for these kinds of items because they are essentially easy to see bins that oddly shaped items can be stored in. you can also use them to subdivide any shelf into a variety of sizes, ultimately being able to fit any product desired. For a larger option for strangely shaped merchandise, open end basket frames offer a similar solution.

Help your customers get party ready with these merchandising options. They will easily find the products that match the theme they are shopping for with these shelving units.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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