Planning for Pet Store Displays

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Pet Stores
On October 24, 2014

The items sold in a pet store range from very small to very large, light to heavy. Properly planning for the necessary pet store shelves involves looking into a wide range of options to accommodate all of these products. You will require everything from heavy duty shelving to hold large bags of dog food to small hooks to display collars and cat toys. Aquariums filled with fish and amphibians must be securely displayed as well, and all of this while being easy to shop and convenient for customers. Some of the most useful and efficient shelving units often found in the pet store industry include:

Standard Shelves

Any pet store will benefit from standard shelves. They can be utilized for a variety of products ranging from moderately heavy pet food bags to treats, toys, cleaning products or medicine bottles. Since they can be horizontal or on an 18 degree slope they are useful for many different product displays.

Gondola Shelving

Like most retail stores, gondola shelving can play an important part in a pet store. These free standing displays can hold many different products, from canned pet food to pet cleaning supplies. With convenient extenders available to change the height, they are even more versatile.

Wide Span Shelving

When it comes to displaying bulk items, wide span shelving is what you are looking for. Great for large bags of dog food, aquariums, dog houses and gates, plants or any other larger items in your pet store, this creative shelving maximizes your ability to allocate display and storage areas effectively. The frames are constructed from steel for long lasting strength and the posts utilize a unique locking cap that doubles as a beam lock for stability.

End Unit Retail Displays

End unit retail displays are perfect for those smaller pet store items like toys and collars. For smaller items that risk getting lost in the shuffle of large endless store shelves, end unit retail displays shine a light on these smaller but no less important products. End units are also great for themed displays where you want to gather a bunch of small and related items in one place.

Retail Store Sales Counters

Providing customers with cute, impulse options at the sales counter is an easy way to maximize sales. If it is a holiday keep smaller toys or costumes that match the theme near the counter. Also keeping small bags of specialty treats or name tag holders at the counter makes those last second purchases a breeze.

Whatever pet store displays you are looking to showcase, there is a store shelving solution to meet that need.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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