Popular Marine Store Products and Displays

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Store Fixtures
On May 06, 2013


Marine stores always carry a selection of items that are essential to every boater. While you can find a whole variety of products on display at any store, there are some departments that are consistently stocked with products to enhance your boating experience.

Paint Departments

Keeping your boat looking in great condition is important to you, and paint departments of marine stores are stocked with a variety of paints to help you accomplish this. Whether you need gallons of paint or just a few pints for touch-ups, you can find what you need displayed on store shelves. Pints of paint are often displayed at eye level on shelves because they’re the most common type of boating paint purchased. Gallons, on the other hand, are too heavy to be displayed on just any shelf. That’s why gallons of paint are placed on base shelves and bottom shelves.

Electronics Departments

The electronics department of a marine store can carry a variety of products you need throughout the boating season. Whether you’re looking for a radio, GPS or a mini television, you’ll find these types of products displayed in security cases to prevent theft of these expensive items.

Clothing Departments 

More and more, marine stores are starting to carry a variety of shirts and headwear. Displayed on clothing racks, marine store owners have found that these products have a high profit margin for their store. In addition, these are items that can be sold year round, regardless of whether or not it’s boating season.

Plumbing Department

When you’ve visited a marine store, you’ve probably noticed that they have a large plumbing department. In these departments, a stock of pumps, valves, nuts and bolts are on display. Handy Store Fixtures supplies bin shelves and wire shelves to help properly display these types of products.

Handy Store Fixtures provides all the shelving and display options needed for your marine store. Check out our selection of marine store displays today.
Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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