Retail Display Options for Electronics Stores

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Electronics Stores
On January 16, 2015

Modern technology demands cutting edge displays. Create a retail display solution that's sure to draw attention to your product. Whether it's a wall of flat-panel TVs, stands for the latest computers or a secure display for cameras or phones, there is a solution for you. Some of the best display options available for electronics stores include:


Retail Shelving


With the ability to accept shelves or hooks, retail shelving is ideal for any number of electronics. Hooks can hold cell phone cases, USB drives and other light items. Slide in shelves to display Blue-ray players, home telephones, keyboards and more.


Retail Corner Units


Don’t fall victim to wasted space just because you have a lot of small corners in your store. Retail corner units make use of every inch of your retail shelving space. With 12 sizes to choose from, it is easy to find the right size and style to suit your space.


Metal Security Cases


Electronics stores sell a lot of high priced items. It is important to keep that merchandise protected from theft while also being easily visible to customers. Metal security cases are the perfect solution. They are a professional way to display your expensive merchandise and make a practical choice for electronics, appliances and more. They accept shelves inside and include a metal top and bottom shelf, aluminum frame, 2 metal side panels and 2 glass doors with track and lock.


Electronics can range from very light to very heavy. Big ticket items like computers and televisions require heavy duty shelving to ensure they are kept safely in place. Not only do you want to avoid damaging your expensive merchandise, but it is important to keep customers safe. No matter what electronic you are selling; make sure it is securely and clearly displayed with these shelving solutions.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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