Selecting the Right Fittings for your Retail Display Shelves

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Gondola Shelves
On October 17, 2014

Retail Display ShelvesSelecting the right fittings for your retail display shelves includes the display arms, prongs, hooks, baskets, brackets/shelves and other accessories required to piece together and customize your retail display fixtures. Fittings are a great way to enhance already existing gondola shelving units by adding space above as well as to the ends of free standing gondolas.


Before purchasing any fittings, make sure that you are aware of the measurements required, and that you are opting for high quality pieces made of steel and chrome for long lasting durability and strength. The types of products you wish to display will determine the types of fittings you need. Larger items that cannot be hung up, like bags of pet food or paint cans, will require heavy duty shelves. Awkwardly shaped items like dog bones or sports equipment might need baskets. Variety items can be displayed from slatwall hooks.


Slatwall panels can be used with a wide variety of store accessories such as, slatwall hooks, universal baskets and shelf brackets. They can be conveniently cut down to specific sizes and transform ordinary walls into a completely new and dynamic merchandising area. Look for ones with aluminum inserts to give slatwall panels extra strength.


Heavy duty shelves can stand up to bulky items like printers, paint cans, bottles and more. They should be reinforced with welded support channels to make ensure they hold up those heavier items. Heavy duty shelves are commonly found in the electronics, hardware and pet store industries, but are great for any retail store that needs to display heavier items.


For those awkwardly shaped heavy items, open end basket frames are ideal fittings. They hold baskets of heavy products like wine or liquor bottles that don’t always work on regular shelves. They can be horizontal or down-sloped, depending on which positioning will maximize your display.


End cap merchandisers attach to existing shelves to add additional merchandising space. It is important not to let the space at the end of a shelving fixture go to waste. Instead, maximize it with end caps that are perfect for displaying small or impulse items.


Whatever fitting you are using, whether it be slatwall or store shelves, be sure it is made of high quality materials and will be suitable for the merchandise you need to display. One type of shelf does not work for all products, and there are plenty of options available for you to customize your retail shelving. Whether you want glass, wood, carpet or custom, the right store shelves are easy to find.

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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