Solve Storage Nightmares with Flush Top Shelves

By Steve Di Orio
Posted in Store Design
On November 16, 2012


If you run any type of retail store, you know that display and storage space on the sales floor is always at a premium. You spend good time, effort, and money to get only the best products to sell to your customers. You don’t want any of them to molder away in a backroom when they could be out on the floor. As we’ve said before, customers will not buy any product that they can’t see. It’s that simple.


The answer to this dilemma is obviously to add more storage space to your sales floor. This is, of course, often easier said than done. You may already feel that you have absolutely maximized every square inch of shelf space in the store. When this happens, sometimes you just have to look up to find the answer.

Flush Top Shelves to the Rescue

Flush Top Shelves from Handy Store Fixtures


Flush top shelves may be the answer you've been looking for. We've designed these shelves for use on the top of uprights. They fit flush up against the top cap of Handy gondolas and wall units.



Flush top shelves will help you maximize your storage space and provide new options for the display of products.


Many retailers take advantage of these shelves to provide overstock for products already on the floor. This keeps your store looking full and allows for easy restocking without any trips to the backroom.


Other retailers utilize flush top shelves as an extra shelf for products or to showoff larger, hard to display items. These can be products that do not fit on standards shelves or must be normally kept in a stockroom or behind the counter.


Our flush top shelves are also strong. They are sturdy enough to support cash registers, lottery machines, and similar devices. In fact, they are often used to attach counter tops to gondola checkout units.


The uses for our flush top shelves are practically limitless. How have you utilized them in your retail space? Please share your experiences in the comments.


And remember, when you work with Handy, you will always find:


• Superior customer service

• Store designers with over 25 years of experience that are always available to answer your questions

• The fastest lead time on the most steel color and back panel options in the gondola shelving industry

• The easiest to assemble gondolas with the fewest parts

• Accessories that are always in stock and ready to ship immediately



Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


Steve has been with Handy Store Fixtures for over 15 years. After becoming the Marketing Manager in 2006, he was named Director of Marketing. Steven earned his MBA from Montclair State University with a specialization in Digital Marketing in 2019. When not at work, he loves to travel, play golf, exercise, and talk all things search engine marketing and retail display tips.