By Steve Di Orio, Posted in Store Management

Retail is a great way to earn real money, but it takes hard work and sweat labor.  It sometimes looks too easy from the viewing stands and many times attracts those who are not willing to really jump in with both feet.  At Handy Store Fixtures, we are retail professionals and understand that our best customer is also a successful retailer. So here are some realistic tips for retail success that you need to do prior to signing a lease: Research the demographics of the neighborhood. Learning how much the a... read more.

  • July 19, 2011

By Steve Di Orio, Posted in Store Fixtures

Welcome to our blog, and we invite you to visit us often. For our first post, we want to share with you a little piece of history behind the birth of Handy Store Fixtures. And this story can actually be considered a classic lesson for any retail business: You must understand your customer’s needs and wants. . . In the 40s and 50s, Handy was a division of a very successful regional hardware wholesale business. It was also the name that properly identified a small portable, fold-up barbeque grill that was... read more.

  • July 08, 2011