Top 5 Reasons to Have Retail Displays at Your Checkout

By Steve Di Orio
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On November 29, 2013

When it comes to retail stores, one of the factors to their success is the layout of the store. This is especially true during the holidays, since this is the time of the year when customers will be more easily enticed into buying additional products. One of the best locations for retail displays is near the checkout counter. The following five reasons why setting up retail displays by the checkout counters can help to move more products during the holiday season:

  • Visibility – Products that are displayed by the checkout counter have higher visibility than any other area in the store. This is because not only will everyone that is checking out see these products, but many of the customers just entering the store will be able to take notice as well as they walk by.
  • Impulse buy – Customers are more prone to making impulse buys when they are waiting in line at the checkout counter, especially if the products are smaller and more affordable than those displayed elsewhere in the store.
  • Last minute buys – Customers standing in line will rethink who they have bought gifts for and who they still need to buy gifts for. They’ll often grab something from a display by the checkout counter if they’ve realized that they’ve forgotten to buy a gift for someone at the last minute.
  • Stocking stuffer – By displaying smaller items near the checkout counter, more customers can quickly browse the contents and grab a few extras as holiday stocking stuffers.
  • Less time to think about it – Customers have plenty of time to think about their purchases throughout the store. In the checkout line, customers feel more pressured to make a decision quickly, which often leads to them just buying the item and worrying about whether they made the right decision or not later.

These are five reasons why stores should set up retail displays by their checkout counters for the upcoming holiday season

Steve Di Orio

Steve Di Orio


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